NYC: Buildings Gallery

New York is a concrete jungle. Buildings are trees with communities of ants, beetles, spiders, birds, mammals, just like the trees in the Neo-Tropics.

Well, metaphors apart, lawyers, business people, magazine workers, janitors, doormen, architects, residents and guests are all part of this ecosystem that is a building in New York.

I like portraits of the whole, but I'm also fascinated by the details. Is it not there were the devil resides? In a building in New York?

The IAC Building 

The Oculus 

One window, a hundred windows 

The Dock Street Educational Complex ...

The Freedom Tower 

Firehouse, Engine Company 31 

Grand Central Terminal 

The Freedom Tower 

The Freedom Tower and Lady Liberty 

31st Street 

Time Square Marquees 

The Copper & The Empire State build ...

Midtown Skyline 

Riverside Boulevard 

Dorliton building 

Fire Escape 

Buildings in Long Island City 

The Chrysler Building and One Vande ...