The Climate Is Always Changing …

The climate is always changing …

This is a one-liner that climate change deniers love to repeat in social media and in open discussions. It is a simplified, incomplete version of the truth, either out of ignorance or due to their willingness to misinform. Yes, the climate is always changing. The important, true issue, is that the rate of change we are experiencing now is not following a geological time scale. Without human intervention through the burning of fossil fuels, the changes we are experiencing would take tens of thousands of years. Instead, human intervention is causing these changes in only 100 to 150 years.

Jonas winter storm
Jonas winter storm

In 1912, an article in Popular Mechanics warned that coal burning in furnaces around the world would have a negative impact on our climate. We’ve known for years of the relation between fossil fuel burning and the greenhouse effect at a global level. Exxon knew from at least the 1970s. Other oil companies knew earlier since around the 1950s.

Bomb Cyclone
Miss Saigon on Broadway during a bomb cyclone.

I am fascinated by the power of nature, and I want to capture its strength and beauty. Since I’m a New Yorker, a lot of my pictures are from Manhattan. I do carry my camera with me always when I’m traveling. So, my search for this type of images is constant.

Quogue. The beach prior to the storm.
The beach prior to the storm.

These pictures were being exhibited in my office cafeteria at on 7th Avenue as part of a Climate Art exhibit organized by re:dish, an unreasonable company. I’m told that the exhibit will move to Delaware and New Jersey soon.

Summer Storm Clouds
Hudson Valley


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