NYC: 5 Pointz Gallery

It was just one week before the Graffiti was painted over that I had the good fortune to visit 5 Pointz, in Long Island City, Queens, NY. It was an overcast and cold Veteran's Day in November of 2013. Many visitors, coming in convertibles and luxurious cars, were walking around the Graffiti "installation" taking either the typical touristy pictures, fashion shots or even recording a hip-hop music video.


Mr Bulb. 

Harlem's Geisha. 

Harlem's Geisha. 

Music is my Religion. 

Join Us. 

Coming out. 

Trophic chain. 

Painted trash bins. 

In the corner. 

King Kong. 

Green Man. 


Orange Agent. 

Hips don't lie. 

The N doesn't stop here anymore. 

On the corner 


Looking 'Up!' 


Looking at me? 

Mad bulb. 

To the long wall. 

Looking angry? 

Detail on the wall. 

Detail on the wall. 

Detail on the wall. 

Smiling grenade! 

Coming off the wall. 

Off the wall. 

Watchful heart. 

Column detail. 

Column detail. 

In the trash area.